Translation Services

We make it easy for our clients to bridge language and cultural barriers with a full range of Document Translation, Software Localization, Website Localization, and Interpreting services in a variety of languages.

We offer several service tier options for all budgets and needs.

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Related Services

With our extensive experience and the latest technology, we offer a comprehensive selection of related services, providing streamlined solutions that help our clients reduce costs and simplify the process. Including Desktop Publishing, Transcription, Subtitling, Consultation, and more.

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We assist our clients with their language-related needs in over 25 major languages, with specialization in East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean).

With our experienced team and growing network of experts, we are ready to assist you with what you need, when you need it.

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At Mei Language Services, LLC, a linguist-operated translation services company, we pride ourselves on providing top quality language solutions to help our clients successfully and seamlessly reach out to audiences around the world.

Unlike traditional translation agencies mainly focused on the bottom line, as linguists ourselves, we take painstaking care to ensure the accuracy and promptness of every project we deliver. Our highly experienced staff actively participate in every stage of every project from start to finish because ensuring the results we deliver to our clients are of the highest quality is very important to us.

The extensive knowledge from years of working as professional linguists in the industry provides our company with the unique insight and experience it takes to foresee and resolve possible complications in advance, many of which traditional language service outsourcing agencies often miss, to ensure what we deliver is problem-free right from the start and help you reduce cost and save time.

With our deep commitment and unique experience, we make the internationalizing of products, services, communication, and other materials easy and worry-free for you, and help you avoid common translation and localization pitfalls. To learn more about us, including our quality standards, please click here.

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